Bitcoin Miner & Cloud BTC Miner

What is Free Bitcoin Miner?

This Android app gives any used the opportunity to cloud mine at their fingertips. All you have

to do is download the app, sign up, and start! Tasks, referral system, and shop for more hash!

How are my earnings paid?

All payments are made directly to your Bitcoin Wallet!

Minimum withdraw is 250k satoshi.

        Want an extra 50 Mega Hash/second?

Enter in referral code: UTTUXIPK
             (This is a mining bonus you will miss out on without a referral code.)



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BTC address: 3MNsvueF7M65imjUaLVcnpa7Hfg7DYYaiA

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BCH address: qzwszaxetc8qjtvdgdfx6s3g6wf3slgukvl7pspuwc

ETH address: 0x89d16574cB72472C43f3c64889e3dCcc46d74dfD

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