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                                         What is Brave?
                                              Brave says it best, "The browser that rethinks the web!" It is a browser that is built off of google chrome, and this browser is one we are excited about. Running just like google chrome, it loads pages 2x faster ... on desktop. On Mobile it loads pages 8x faster! Also, Brave browser provides supreme security and privacy options. All while offering the viewers and publishers/creators (you and I) BAT cryptocurrency for using it. 

What makes it so secure?

We are glad you asked! Well there is a customizable, sync-able shield settings that simply allow you to optimize

your security and privacy. 

You can block ads and trackers, encrypted connections (3rd-party cookies), scripts, and 3rd-party device recognition.

All this is accessed very simply at the top right of the browser, like a chrome extension. 

Have a site that you don't wish to block the ads? 
Simply disable the ad blocker and once the page reloads you should see your ads again! Though, keeping the ads and 

trackers blocked means that you keep your personal information more secure.

BAT Cryptocurrency:

BAT or Basic Attention Token is a utility based token, that is based around Ethereum technology. This coin is used to extend a unit of account from publishers, advertisers, and users. View it as a certain token that is used to transfer money from the advertisers to the users and publishers.

Brave Ads:

This essentially is how you, as a user, would earn BAT. Soon to be released will be an option where you may opt into viewing Brave ads. These ads will pay you BAT for viewing them. Your tokens will then be deposited into your brave wallet where you can withdraw, tip your favorite browsers, and more.


This option lets you set a certain amount of BAT that will be distributed among your favorite site creators. As long as the site is Brave varified then they will receive their crypto; otherwise, the tokens will be stored for the creator until the day they decide to verify their site.

Support us by joining brave today! Oh, and did we forget to mention that it is completely free to download? 



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