Their Story:

"Stemmed from an idea after seeing and acquiring many new coins, we decided to research and learn the difficulties associated with creating a new currency.  Little by little we gained traction with support from our community, assistance from multiple developers, faucet owners, web designers, users, we aggregated and came together to create CryptoFightClub Coin.  As our community grows, our support for this project does as well. It derives from our belief in the project and what it can offer to everyone."   ~ Crypto Fight Club Coin

Their Tech:

Ticker: CFCC
Algorithm: SCRYPT
Type: POS
Max Supply: 5.6 million
POS Rewards: POS 85% PER ANNUM
POS time: 8 hours
Confirmations: 2
Premine: 280,000 CFCC
Block time: 60 seconds


- E-Wallet (click for more)

- Windows (click for more)

- Mac (click for more)

- Linux (click for more)

How to get free CFCC:

1) CFCC Faucet (click for more)

2) CryptoStake (click for more)

How to Stake CFCC:

1) CryptoStake (click for more)

2) Desktop Wallet (click for more)

3) CoinZone (click for more) *Discord Exclusive*

4) Staking.World (click for more)

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CFCC Discord Group:

Official CFCC Website (click here)  <--- Click here for more information!

Crypto Fight Club Coin Logo (CFCC)

Crypto Fight Club Coin (CFCC)

Crypto Fight Club Coin Logo (CFCC)