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Coin Talk Club

What do they offer?

Coin Talk Club is a Bitcoin faucet that we have tested and were shocked on finding them trusted. You can use their faucet, investment multiplier game, shortlinks, offerwall, browser tab miner, and multiple contests/rewards.  


Their faucet is where we thought it was too good to be true. You can claim the faucet every minute and you can win up to 500 satoshi! Check it out for yourself...

Referral system:

The minimum you receive for referral faucet claims is 45% and a max of 60% with the max membership. 












Investment Game:

This game is a higher or lower multiplier game. It is based off of 5 minute intervals of the Bitcoins price. You just have to guess if the price will go up or down in the next 5 minutes. 

Contests and Rewards:

There are activity rewards that give you extra bits for faucet claims, shortlink claims, and offerwalls earnings. There is also contests that you can win extra bits for referrals, offerwalls, and shortlinks. 


You can make FaucetHub withdraws instantly and any amount! There is also a BTC wallet, but the minimum is 20k satoshi for basic memberships.

Net Business Ratings info:

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