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For gambling lovers, you would love this site. Their dice has a 0% house edge, so this means there is no odds for or against you. A true 50%/50% chance at winning! Other than that nothing too special about this one. 


The lottery takes place every hour and ends on every hour. Each ticket only costs 1 CoinPot token and there is no limit to how many you can buy each hour. CoinPot combines every token spent during the round, and on top of that they add an exter 1000 tokens on top. Winners and runners up are picked at random with only 1 prize allowed at a time. There are 5 runners up that receive each 10% of the total prize! 

(Example of CoinPot Lottery 5/22/2018 13:00 UTC)

Cointiply also makes it easy to claim the faucets:

- Moon BTC

- Moon BCH

- Moon Doge

- Moon LTC

- Moon Dash

Bit Fun

- Bonus BTC

Net Business Ratings info:


June 29, 2018 - Update NetBuisnessRating

May 22, 2018 - Add NetBusinessRating + Proofs

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