Cointiply is a fast growing and very good site, in our opinion. There is a reason why we have picked it as one of the top site and if you do read through this you may be joining before you even finish...

What is Cointiply?
Cointiply started off as a faucet site. Since its launch it has released many fun features that make it easy to earn and free! 

Why is it special?

That one is really easy. Starting off at a faucet that has a minimum claim of roughly 40 coins (coins are converted based off of the dollar amount of BTC, 10k coins is roughly $1), the faucet allows you to win up to 773 with a loyalty bonus up to 100% as well as an activity Bonus of up to 2x.


Not sounding very special yet? Well they offer many other methods at the moment to earn more and more. These methods include games, videos, browser mining, offer walls, videos, a multiplier game, and even a 5% annual interest. These would be the first of the many things that are added and to be added to this site and we will go into more detail on each below. 

They offer 25% of all claims to your referrals and 10% of their offers completed on the offer wall. 

Offer Wall:

The offer wall is the best place to start. Here you can earn anywhere from 1 coin-150k coins. With these you can either withdraw them right away or invest them back into your mine and collect the long term profit. Their offer wall is almost 5x the reward as most other faucet sites and offers many options. 

Their offer wall includes: 

Tap Research

Adscend Media

AdGate Media

Minute Staff

Offer Toro



Kiwi Wall 

Offer Daddy

PTC Wall

Poll Fish

Say So Rewards

Adwork Media

Super Rewards

CPA Lead

Clix Wall

Theorem Research 

Revenue Wall

(More coming)


As of 5/20/2018 they released a new section to earn through their site. This would be the PTC and works like most other PTC sites. You can set up an ad with your coins or you can click to earn coins. 


The video section they have is quite nice as well. Here is the video services they offer, how much they pay, and other features (if any):

EngageMe.TV - 51 coins for every 3 ads watched

Smores.TV - 51 coins for every 3 ads watched (On up to 3 devices)

Cointiply Video Ads - 8 Coins up to 15 videos an hour

Daily Motion Videos - No coins awarded for this one yet (Still in Beta)

*Your country could affect how many videos or even if you get them.*


The games are a little lacking in our opinion. Great selection, but takes forever to earn through them. For every ad if fills up your activity bar, and once it is full you get 35 coins credited to your account. 

Browser Mining:

The browser mining you leave the mine open and for every 100k hashes you are rewarded 5 coins. Little low for our liking, but hoping that changes.

Current Minimums: 

Multiplier Game:

Here you can wager anywhere from 10 - 50,000 coins and can earn you anywhere from 613 -  3,065,000 Coins ($300). All you have to do is select the amount you would like to make the bet on and then select a crystal and hope to win. You can keep going to improve winnings or simply just take the prize.


Payouts are made to FaucetHub, to a Dogecoin wallet, or a Bitcoin wallet

FaucetHub = 35,000 coin min. 

Doge wallet = 50,000 coin min.

BTC wallet = 100,000 coin min.

All in all we have fell in love with this site. Great returns for something you don't have to spend your hard earned money and coins on.

Net Business Rating Info:



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