DogeFaucet: Free Dogecoin

What is DogeFaucet?

This Android app that allows you to claim right from your phone! You can claim every 4 minutes and the minimum withdraw is only 5 Doge. They also offer a referral program and bonus claims.

How are my earnings paid?

All payments are made directly to your Dogecoin Wallet!

Referral Program:

Their referral program offers the one referring 10% on their referrals claims. The referral will get a discount fee of 1 Dogecoin for their first withdraw.


You can claim every 4 minutes and it is super easy! All you have to do is enter in a

number captcha to prove that you aren't a robot, and you are done... Easy!

The referral link is still experimental. If you end up just needing a referral code for the 

first withdrawal discounted fee, then here you go: FRK7EB



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