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Febbit Mining Game

What is Febbit?

Febbit is a fun and well designed mining game where you can start earning Bitcoin. The site uses none of your CPU to mine, and instead uses chips that you can upgrade and earn better ones to up your hash power. 











(What does Febbit offer? Screenshot from Febbit June 12, 2018)

Mining Game:

The mining game you use to mine hashes to later convert into Bitcoin and Febbit credits. The Febbit credits is used to upgrade chips so that they will start earning more hash. To convert the hashes all you have to do is collect to blocks at the end of each hour. Chips are easily obtained through caches and the higher level chach you open the higher chance of a better chip. For those of you who want to stick around your mine and earn a boost, there is a boost that becomes active every 300 seconds. This cools down the minner and amps up your mining for as long as your chips can handle. There are also chips that help increase the battery life of your mining, so even when you are away you can still mine your coins

The site also offers daily missions, a referral program, and the site works beautifully on mobile and tablet devices!

Daily Missions:

The daily missions are a good source of chips, next to leveling up. They also offer dust and Febbit so you can upgrade your MK5's into MK6's (a better chip).

A great thing about these missions is that the higher level you are the bigger the prizes for completing these missions become.

Referral Program:

Their program offers 20% of any satoshi that your referrals make in their mine.

How are my earnings paid?

All payments from Febbit are made instantly and directly into your FaucetHub account, and the payout minimum is only 1000 satoshi!

Net Business Ratings info:



June 29, 2018 - Update NetBuisnessRating

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