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This is a very trusted faucet and betting site. They have been around for a very long time and will probably be around for a lot longer. 

They offer a faucet that can win you up to $200. This faucet you can claim every hour and each claim has the potential of earning you BTC, reward points, and lottery tickets. 

Other features they offer are: 

Dice game (multiply BTC), Interest on balances over 30k satoshi, lottery, rewards, and have a referral program.

Dice game:

The dice game is not the best in our opinion. They do give lottery tickets and reward points for using it, but the house edge of 5%. Unlike other dice sites where the edge can range from 0.5%-2%

Earn BTC:

The "Earn BTC" section is pretty cool and one of the main reasons we use it. You can store your BTC that you have just sitting around and any amount above 30k satoshi you will earn a daily interest of 4.08% (about 1 coin for every 10k satoshi). This is nice because instead of your coins sitting around doing nothing they can earn. It is safe from losing it in the market and in turn will earn and not stay stagnant. 


The lottery is pretty self explanatory. You earn BTC and then spend it to get lottery tickets in order to win big prizes. The top prize is almost always above 1 BTC so good luck to those who try. Other than paying for lottery tickets you can also earn them through the faucet. You get 2 tickets for every claim you make and 1 for every claim your referral makes as well as 1 ticket when you bet  500 satoshi in the multiplier. Lastly, you can also boost the amount of lottery tickets you get in each claim by spending reward points. For example you can spend 120 Reward points for 10 extra tickets per roll. 


The rewards work roughly as the lottery tickets do. You earn them through claiming in the faucet, betting in the multiplier, or when a referral claims.You get 2 for every roll you do, 2 for referral rolls, and 2 for every 500 BTC satoshi you wager. 

With reward points you can redeem them for:

Electronics (Such as iPhones, Androids, headphones, and much more)

Hardware Wallets (for storing your coins safely off the market)

Gift Cards ($25-$500)

Free BTC Bonus (multiplies your faucet claims)

Lottery Ticket Bonus (multiplies your lottery tickets for faucet claims)

Reward Point Bonus (multiplies your reward tickets for faucet claims)


As for referrals they have a great system. If you can get a good amount of referrals you would never have to claim on the site again. 

The current rates are:

50% of base prize claimed by referrals

0.25% of wagered BTC by referrals

25% of daily interest Referrals earn

Their referral system has also an option where you can set up a set amount or percentage that you share back with your referrals. we have our link set for 50% so for anything we earn from our referrals they get half of it back. If you are interested in signing up we suggest the banner below and using the referral link so that you get some extra earnings!

(For instance if you earn us 1000 satoshi at the next payout you will receive 500 of it!) 

Net Business Rating info:



June 29, 2018 - Update NetBuisnessRating

May 22, 2018 - Add NetBuisnessRanking info + Proofs

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