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Litecoin (LTC)

What is Litecoin?

A coin that had one of the top in growth, and many peoples favorites when not investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Litecoin had hit a huge growth of  about 7,200% in the beginning of 2017. It was created to be the "lighter" version of Bitcoin and it seemed to do so because it's growth flew higher. Bitcoin's growth in the beginning of 2017 was about 1,700%.

Well how do I get it?

There are many ways to obtain LTC, or any coin in fact. Most methods you can find on this site, and/or will be added to the site with time. If you are interested in future updates feel free to visit the Site Updates pages to sign up for them. 

Methods to get LTC:


Faucet/mining Games

CPU Mining 

GPU Mining 

Browser Mining 

Cloud Mining 


Referral Systems 

Coin Trading

Offer Walls

(Are we missing anything?)

Official LTC Website (click here)

BTC address: 3MNsvueF7M65imjUaLVcnpa7Hfg7DYYaiA

LTC address: MWTHpBq5Xzd4GBeHkb1vqFwmjnHHvLv1C9

BCH address: qzwszaxetc8qjtvdgdfx6s3g6wf3slgukvl7pspuwc

ETH address: 0x89d16574cB72472C43f3c64889e3dCcc46d74dfD

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