Money-Clicker Mining Game

What is Money Clicker?

where you click a button to dig resources, which you can sell later on for real money. The cool part about this site is that you can have your payouts to FaucetHub in the form of Bitcoin or directly to your paypal!

How do you earn?

Mine resources - This is the main part of the game. You start by selecting a cave that you want to mine in. Once in the mine you can click the mine button to get a chance of achieving materials listed for that mine. Mining will earn XP (stands for Experience Points for leveling) and Energy.
After mining some resources, you can go to the inventory page, where you can sell your resources for MCC (MoneyClickerCoin).

Offline miners - In the store there is the option to purchase offline miners. These will dig resources for you even when you are not on the website. Their speed and amount of materials mined can be upgraded to boost your earnings inside the offline mining tab.

Free roll - Every 24 hours you can participate in a Free roll, where you can get up to 10 000 MCC. We wish you luck on your rolls!

A little tip from us, you can also get free stuff for using these promo codes in the promo section of the site:

FREE5 - Free $0.05
7DAYS - Free $0.05 (If your account is more than 7 days old)
30DAYS - Free $0.10 (If your account is more than 30 days old)

What is MCC?

"MCC (MoneyClickerCoin) is a special currency used in MoneyClicker only. You can earn it through various activities described above.
Exchange rate for MCC is: 1$ = 1 000 000 MCC" ~ team

Referral Program:

10% of referral earnings goes to you
$0.1 starter bonus for users registered from your link (signing up through our link also gives you a starter bonus of $0.10)

How are my earnings paid?

Payments are made directly to FaucetHub or to your paypal account. Their minimums are:

$0.5 for Bitcoin (FaucetHub), $1 for Paypal and $10 for Bitcoin (Direct).

Keep in mind ... this is a clicker game. It will take a lot of time and effort to get far in this faucet game. If you are fine with that there is huge potential for earnings.

Net Business Ratings info:



June 29, 2018 - Update NetBuisnessRating

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