Betting Season on FreeBitcoin is On!

Betting season is now on!

You may have known as an online Bitcoin faucet, however, they continue to grow and expand their offerings! They have given you games, lotteries and well as the chance to earn Bitcoin every single hour! They are also working towards becoming the number one destination for everything related to Bitcoin – be it news or the latest trends.

And now, they offer you a brand-new feature – online betting. If you like to betting on the outcomes of events, then this is just the place to be! Here, you can bet on just about anything!

What Can You Bet On?

Sports: Love sports? Done the math? Crunched the numbers? Studied the stats? Then bet on the Champions League soccer matches, the ICC Cricket World Cup, and Formula 1 racing and find out if the team you were

rooting for wins the championship!

Game of Thrones: Better yet, love Game of Thrones? Want to know who will take the Iron Throne? Who else will die before the end of the final season? Will the Lannisters get their due? Will the Starks finally prevail? Or will the Targaryens finally re-establish their rule in the Seven Kingdoms? You think you know? Then go ahead and make your bets and see if you win!

Bitcoin: If you are looking for more real-world betting, how about on the price of Bitcoin itself? With so many speculating how the cryptocurrency market will go, would you like to take your chances and bet on whether Bitcoin will once again surge to its stratospheric price of $20,000, or will it sink to nothingness? Make your predictions and find out if you are right!

How Do You Bet?

When you go to the Betting Page, you can see which events are open to betting. Currently, you can bet on the UEFA Champions League, Formula 1 racing, the ICC Cricket World Cup, the Game of Thrones and the price of Bitcoin.

Choose which event you wish to bet on. When you click on that event, you get various options on which to bet. Every option gives you the odds of that choice winning. The higher the odds, the higher the chance of that option being the one to win.

And to make rewards even more exciting, there is a time-weight multiplier against each betting option.

What is the Time-Weight Multiplier?

The time-weight multiplier is an added factor that betting on’s events even more rewarding. What this factor does is give you higher weights if you bet early in the event.

At the beginning of the event, the time-weight multiplier is set at 100, and as the event progresses, it keeps reducing, finally reaching 0 at the end.

Therefore, if you place a bet at the beginning and you win your wager, then you get higher rewards than those who bet on the same option but later in the event.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to’s Betting Page and place your bets today!

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