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Roller Coin

What is Roller Coin?

This one is an interesting one... Play games and that earns you hash for a portion of 2000 Bitcoin Satoshi. The catch is that you get the percentage base off of how much hash you have compared to the total of hash across all users. Also, the hash resets after a few days time. 


There is a few games that you can play that earn you hash once completed. ​This hash is not permanent though and more games are soon to come. 


The shop allows you to purchase in-game materials that help you mine. The hash that is received from these are permanent and we think more are soon to come. 

Deposit and Withdraw:

Depositing is done through bitcoin only and same with withdrawing. Withdrawing bitcoin goes strait to your FaucetHub, but still takes a day or two.


Missions are a great source for Hash, satoshi, doge, litecoin, and experience for levels (Multiple Missions Possible). The higher the level the mission the more you earn, but the longer it takes. You are able to complete missions with energy and this energy regenerates every 10 minutes (with a energy boost option every 10 minutes). Eventually once you reach a premium account you no longer earn hash with missions but a chance to earn referrals.

**Warning: this site is pretty close to a Ponzi scheme**

It is thought to be a Ponzi because the investment, with or without using your free earnings from the site, currently has a ROI of 4+ years. Yet you still can make free earnings from the games and most likely because of the investments pay it off. Although, this is just speculation and we still see the site as a fun site that does will earn you cryptocurrency. Just keep this in mind if you decide to use the site.